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And the renovation continues

January 11, 2010

Finally got both coats of paint on the walls in the bathroom. It would look great if the Stud hadn’t decided after all to redo the tub surround. We were going to wait since he didn’t want to completely gut the bathroom all at once. Naturally he changed his mind and now my nice arctic ice (which is actually a light green shade) is lost amid the ripped down walls around the tub.

And the pic, notice anything missing? A bathroom sink perhaps? Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to not have a bathroom sink or mirror? You’re feeling my pain, aren’t ya.

In other non-home renovation news, I noticed that Primal Hunger was nominated for a CAPA award from the Romance Studio. There are a ton of great books also nominated for Best Paranormal Erotic Romance, but very cool to be nominated. So big thanks to the reviewers over there who felt Primal Hunger deserved it.

And you guys haven’t forgotten that Primal Attraction releases in just over a week, right? 🙂 And I’m having an ARC giveaway right now. Surf on over to my Website for all the details!

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