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Now Available in Print

December 2, 2009

Almost four years ago I started writing Say You’re Mine, the first book in my Spellbound series. The Calders had been living in the back of my head for a while, a family of witches and warlocks, but something was missing.


Thus my Calder clan became private investigators. It’s kind of like Bewitched meets Remington Steel (Mmmm Pierce Brosnan). And now the third book about the Calder clan, Whatever It Takes, is now available in print.

Tate made her first appearance in the very first chapter of my first Calder tale, and I knew then she was going to need someone to keep up with her. Of course Tate took her time letting me know that she didn’t need to wait for her hero to come along–he already had. CIA operative Gideon Bishop was a hard guy to get to know, which Tate already knew since he’d vanished on her without a word years ago. But I should stop there before I give away all the good parts. 🙂

So if you haven’t already picked up your copy (it’s also available in eBook if you’d rather shop in your PJ’s) you can find an excerpt from Whatever It Takes here and can read Chapter One here to tempt you to add it to your list. 🙂



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