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Sometimes they surprise you

November 26, 2009

I’m a plotter. I have no idea how some writers can sit down and spin these incredible tales without knowing how the story will turn out. The thought of sitting down to write without at least a few scrawled notes is enough to give me hives. I’m the person who needs a map. It might be crudely drawn and look like something a four-year-old did, but that’s enough for me. As long as I have a vague idea of what’s coming, I’m good.

Which makes writing even more fun when little things come out of the blue. Like Parker (hero from Dark Obsession) and his deep fear of…cats. That’s right, the guy can slay demons (when Rae gives him the chance anyway) but one look from a four-legged furball, and he’s the one breaking out in hives.

It’s the moments like that, when I catch myself smiling at some little tidbit that just unfolds unexpectedly in my mind as I’m plotting or writing, that makes me so envious of those writers who can just wing it. But even if they probably have more of those moments during the writing process that I do, it wouldn’t be worth sacrificing my map for.

Not today anyway. 🙂

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