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First Kiss Excerpt

November 12, 2009

It’s First Kiss excerpt day at Nine Naughty Novelists. Technically this wouldn’t be Tate and Gideon’s first kiss since Whatever It Takes is a reunited lovers story, but it’s the first one in the book.  Enjoy!


“Let go.” She retreated a step, and he countered with one forward to reclaim the distance she tried unsuccessfully to put between them. “Damn it, Gideon,” she snapped.

He grinned at her. The jerk actually had the nerve to grin at her.

“You tried to get me to back off the night we met, do you remember that? Said I was coming on too strong.”

“You were.”

“I couldn’t help myself then. I can’t seem to now either.”

Tate stood perfectly still as he brought his other hand up to tug the bandana out of her hair. She pulled in a deep breath, struggling to find the woman who had come back from vacation alone and broken-hearted, the woman who had wanted to skewer Gideon and feed him to the sharks for abandoning her.

But the more he studied her, his gaze sliding carefully over her as he noted the changes four years had brought, the more she felt like that reckless twenty-two-year-old caught up in something too wild for her own good.

His thumb brushed across the drying smear of paint, then trailed down the side of her face, pausing at her lips. He touched his forehead to hers, sliding down until his shadowed jaw rasped her cheek, then lower to seal his mouth over hers.

It wasn’t a kiss that knocked her feet out from under her, or one that carried her right into the past like before. No, this was worse. Worse because he wasn’t consuming her, but letting her make up her mind, right here, right now, about what would happen. His hold—tentative but pleading—wasn’t unbreakable. He’d back off if she told him to. They both knew it. Even as his mouth lingered over hers, molding, sliding, he’d stop.

But could she? He hadn’t moved any closer, didn’t cling any tighter, and yet she felt everything about him infuse her bloodstream. The heat from his mouth, the teasing glide of his tongue, that dark and sexy I’ll-make-it-worth-it attitude he pulled off like no other man she’d ever met.

High on the rush, a wickedly sweet and promising rush, she sealed her fate and whimpered against his lips. The small sound—dragged past the unexpected emotions still caught in her throat—might as well have been the white flag of surrender. The second it left her lips, he locked an arm around her back, caging her against him.

There was barely time to breathe, let alone change her mind, before he deepened the kiss, taking a longer, wetter taste of her. She gripped the front of his shirt, needing to touch him, but unable to bring herself to put her arms around him. Not yet. She needed to catch up to the last fifteen minutes first.

An impossible goal when Gideon splayed his fingers beneath the edge of her shirt.

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