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Gone to the dogs

June 10, 2009
Well considering the viral infection turned ear infection in my 7yr old made for a rather interesting work week last week, it’s no surprise I covered more ground in the last two days than I did most of last seven. There’s just something about going crazy with index cards and scrawling nearly illegible scene ideas across them that get my creative juices flowing. 
Of course the second my dog drops her oversized golden-retriever ass on those oh so cleverly organized cards(I won’t talk about the time it took me to get all the scenes in order) it’s amazing how quick those creative juices dry up and I’m left with nothing but thinking how cool it would be to turn the next bad guy in my book into a dog just so I can kick her ass…. I do write paranormals after all. 🙂
But instead I was left to reorganize my cards (again) and threaten to depreive my dog of her carrots the next day. Tough love I know, but sometimes nothing says “you plant your butt on my notes one more time…” like denying the carrot ho of her favorite treat.
Anyway, so while I’m working away on the fourth Destroyer book (having scrapped what I wrote months ago to start fresh) here’s a pic of the carrot ho herself.

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