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Digging out the Rubber Boots

April 8, 2009

Well you know spring has arrived when the flood watches begin. *sigh* My husband spent last evening getting everything up off the basement floor in case we start taking on water in the next couple of days. Forecasters are still hopeful the water levels will drop before we hit the flood stage. Seeing as we’re pretty close already I’m not holding my breath. We were taken by surprise the first year we flooded, but since then have gotten used to what we need to do. I’m just grateful it’s not so bad for us, or hasn’t been so bad that we needed to leave our home. So many last year were not so lucky.

And as long as people don’t assume they can just walk back and forth across my yard to check out the scene, or hang out on my front deck with other people I don’t know, I’ll be good. I mean seriously, the view from the street (about six feet away) was the same, but they still felt to traipse across my front lawn–the part that wasn’t under water anyway.

Although my husband could canoe up our street last year, he’s apparently planning on using the canoe for an ark (his words LOL) to protect his stuff in the garage, the inside of which got about thigh-deep last year.

I’m hoping it doesn’t get as bad as last year(the worst in 30 years) otherwise I’ll be packing up the kids and staying at my parents. It’s way too hard trying to keep the boys out of the waist-deep lake that forms in the backyard when they think its the coolest thing ever.

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