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Whatever It Takes – Now Available!

February 26, 2009

Woohoo! My latest Spellbound book is now available from Samhain Publishing. Between finally seeing Tate and Gideon’s story hit cyber shelves and catching myself grinning like crazy every time I walk by the baby’s finished room, it’s been a great day. LOL

But what release would be complete without an excerpt right? 🙂


“Why?” Not once, not in his letter or the information passed between their lawyers, had he offered any real explanation for walking out of her life.

His gaze locked onto hers, four years worth of intensity jam-packed into a single look that still had the power to make her stomach flip-flop. She crossed her arms, willing him back to the cool, unreadable man she collided with in the hallway. It was easier to face that man, a stranger she didn’t know, over the playful, teasing guy who had begged her to have a drink with him once upon a time.

“Why?” she asked again, wanting to be sure he’d heard her.

Gideon didn’t say anything, but stared past her to the ocean.

She shook her head. “I must have been out of my mind to think you ever cared enough to explain anything.” She turned away and managed three steps before he caught her hand, jerking her to a stop.

“I cared.” He softened his fierce grip, his fingers curling gently around her wrist. “I screwed up leaving like that, but it was the right thing to do.”

“Well, I’m glad it only took you four years to clear that up for me. The right thing to do. Right.” She laid the sarcasm on so thick she nearly choked on it.

“It’s in the past and best left there.”

“Didn’t mean to prick your conscience by bringing it up.”

“That’s not all you’re doing.”

The dangerous tone made her pulse jump. A familiar heat flashed in his eyes, and she stumbled back, saved from tripping over her own feet by the firm grip he still had on her wrist.

He drew her closer. Close enough their legs brushed and she could inhale the rich, masculine scent of him, reminding her how she liked to tuck her face against his throat, close her eyes and let the seconds melt into minutes, hours.

Liked—as in past tense. The only thing coming after him accomplished was stirring up feelings she thought had died the day their divorce was finalized. Unfortunately, the lulling sweep of his thumb along the inside of her wrist made it hard to manage any more than a weak tug to get him to release her. An effort he rewarded by clinging to her tighter.

He let out a frustrated breath. “If you don’t give me a second here, I can’t guarantee I won’t mess this up even more.”

“Like that’s possible.”

A glimmer of a smile caught the corner of his mouth. “Are you daring me now?”

She knew she shouldn’t ask, not when the answer might be more than she could handle. Everything from his playful tone to the reckless expression on his face reminded her of how they had ended up married in the first place. Still, she’d never been one to back down from a challenge—a serious character flaw she had spent the last four years trying to curb—and went ahead and asked anyway. “Daring you to—”

That was all she got out before he dropped his head and slid his mouth slowly over hers.

Too slow. Too soft. Too damn hot.

Way too much to handle.

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