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A note from my Muse

December 19, 2008

Dear Sydney,

I know you’ve had revisions hanging over your head (love what we did with those by the way), presents to be wrapped, a free novella to finish getting ready, a baby name to decide on, a Christmas tree to protect from toppling, blogging, e-mailing, and brainstorming (we never run out of ideas, do we?), but I really would like to know when we’re gonna get back to working on the next Destroyer book.

Yours truly,
Mia (your frequently Missing-In-Action muse)

Dear Mia,

Since you come and go on a whim, loathe deadlines and generally avoid any method of organization that you think stifles your creative vision, I’ve come to the conclusion that one of us needs to make a few compromises or this partnership is in serious trouble. And here’s a hint, it’s not me. If you want to see some serious progress, you can’t drop by for a hour here or there, or in between tanning appointments. You can’t settle in to work, and then five minutes in, start whispering about another great story idea. And you really have to try to curb those late-night cravings. Snacking is not an acceptable method of treating muses’s block. Trust me, both our asses will thank you for it in the long run.

P.S. No matter how hot you think Gerard Butler is, he cannot be the model for every hero we dream up.

Sydney (your frequently ignored writer)

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