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A teaser from Enslaved

December 12, 2008


Dominion sentinel Kaela Garrett will go to any lengths to gather evidence against a suspected traitor, even if it means auctioning off her body to the highest bidder. Posing as a slave should have been the perfect cover to gain access to an exclusive gala. Only she hadn’t anticipated a sexy treasure salvager with a grudge outbidding everyone—including her mark—to possess her.

Lorcan Hunt can’t believe the very sentinel who had him arrested six weeks ago is on the auction block, completely at his mercy. What better way to get even—and pass the time until his next job—than force her to submit to every new and wicked revenge he can imagine? His every demand for her submission, however, comes with a price: a burning need that slides under his skin and grows stronger with every concession she makes.

When Kaela finally gives in to the fierce desire between them, Lorcan finds himself hopelessly caught in an impossible choice. Honor the commitment binding him to his next job—or hold onto the one woman he can never have.


Men continued to filter through the tunnel. “They’re going to search the ship.” She pulled up more visual footage, tracking the progress of the first rebel soldiers already sweeping the ship. “Five of them will reach this floor in under two minutes.” Pulling up the ship’s schematics to find a way to bypass them would take time she didn’t have.

“That’s a shame,” he drawled, terminating her access with a stabbing keystroke before stepping away from the AI console.

“You’d just hand me over to them?” She searched his eyes for the truth.

He shrugged. “If there’s something in it for me.”

Had she really expected anything less? Within hours of their first meeting she’d discovered stolen artifacts. He’d bought her off the auction block purely for spite and planned on rubbing elbows with Varek. “So, you bought me, refused to sell me back at the spaceport, and now you’re eager to wash your hands of me?”

A calculated gleam shone in his eyes, and in the space of three heartbeats, she realized she hadn’t given him enough credit.

“What was your mission objective? Why were you so eager to auction yourself off?”

On top of stealing and associating with suspected criminals, she could add blackmailing to the list. “You know I can’t tell you that.”

He nodded at the doors. “I know you have a hard choice to make.” He crossed his arms. “Tell me and maybe I can be persuaded to keep quiet when they come to search this room.”

She shook her head.

“Then there’s nothing I can do. Having the Dominion breathing down my neck at every checkpoint is enough. I don’t need to piss the Battalia off too.”

Nothing on his face betrayed any hesitation. The only chance of salvaging her mission was to remain on board, whatever she had to agree to, with the exception of revealing mission details.

“I’ll make it worth your while.”

He scoffed. “Is this where you promise you can make all my Dominion troubles magically vanish again?”


“Then I think you’re pretty much out of bargaining chips, Kaela.”

Not even close, not when he went out his way to make it impossible to forget the way he looked at her, touched her—wanted her. “There’s one thing left that might be of interest to you.”

“And that would be?”

The offer nearly stuck in her throat. “Me.”

Surprise registered on Lorcan’s face.

“You wanted a slave in every sense of the word…” she paused to be sure her meaning was crystal clear, “…you’ve got one.”

Want to read more? (you know you do *g*) Pick up your copy of Enslaved HERE!

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