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Just Released – Enslaved

November 26, 2008


Dominion sentinel Kaela Garrett will go to any lengths to gather evidence against a suspected traitor, even if it means auctioning off her body to the highest bidder. Posing as a slave should have been the perfect cover to gain access to an exclusive gala. Only she hadn’t anticipated a sexy treasure salvager with a grudge outbidding everyone—including her mark—to possess her.

Lorcan Hunt can’t believe the very sentinel who had him arrested six weeks ago is on the auction block, completely at his mercy. What better way to get even—and pass the time until his next job—than force her to submit to every new and wicked revenge he can imagine? His every demand for her submission, however, comes with a price: a burning need that slides under his skin and grows stronger with every concession she makes.

When Kaela finally gives in to the fierce desire between them, Lorcan finds himself hopelessly caught in an impossible choice. Honor the commitment binding him to his next job—or hold onto the one woman he can never have.


He upped the bid, never taking his eyes off her, amused when she clenched her jaw so tight a muscle ticked in her cheek. Her eyes glittered dangerously, her chest rising sharply with every annoyed breath, straining the silk tighter across her breasts. His gut churned as he recalled the memory of them crammed against his chest. She’d been angry then too, angry he had her pinned to the ground for pulling her fusion pistol on him.

When their eyes had locked—and before he’d realized how much trouble the sentinel was—all he’d wanted to do was kiss her. A long, slow, deep kiss that he’d been imagining from the moment she first smiled at him, when he’d stumbled across her, stranded outside a trading settlement on the Outer Rim.

The distraction had cost him, however. One second he’d been staring at her mouth, feeling her go soft beneath him, dragging him closer, her parted lips a breath from his, and the next he’d been cold-cocked from behind.

The reminder served to cool the lust that curled down his backbone, that and Kaela’s death glare. The bells at her wrists chimed, and as though suddenly realizing her behavior sabotaged her efforts to appear agreeable, she stilled. The bidding continued and what could only be interpreted as panic flashed in her eyes when he showed no signs of backing off. A moment later her expression turned unreadable as the slave dealer withdrew from the auction, at which point she stopped looking at Lorcan altogether. Defeat settled on her shoulders and she closed her eyes.

A cruel man would withdraw and let the only other interested party have her, a feral-looking guy with small features and a jagged scar running from eyebrow to chin. He doubted Kaela cared either way, but would sooner win her and sell her to the slave dealer than see her wind up with scarface. The vibe the other man put off bordered on hostile. If anyone was going to take his frustrations out on a woman, it would be Lorcan, and the carnal images of how he planned to work off said frustrations made his blood run thick and hot.

Impatient to have the auction over with, he doubled his bid. Kaela’s mouth fell open, the shock on her face almost worth the hefty price he’d paid for her. He preferred to look at the sum as an investment for his next job, and being perfectly honest, a damn fine way to spend the time leading up to it.

The bondskeeper closed the auction, announcing Lorcan the successor. Pleased, Lorcan wove through the crowd to reach the stairs. Kaela followed his every move, lifting her chin defiantly when he stood opposite her for the final inspection. The top of the sentinel’s head came to his chin, her long honey-blonde hair falling in thick waves down her back. Hard green eyes stared back at him, daring him to finish what he’d started.

As if there was anything stopping him now.

Trying not to grin, he circled her, satisfied when his proximity triggered a six-inch retreat before she held her ground. Her bare shoulders dropped, a relaxed tension radiating from her. Prepared for anything—anything but him winning her on the auction block. Operating under the assumption that maintaining her cover—and not twisting around to throw him over her shoulder—was a priority, he paused behind her, brushing her hair to one side.

He threaded one hand through the ends and leaned in. The sweet smell of her filled his head, pushing his heart into a faster rhythm. He wanted to blame the exotic scent on the bondskeeper but knew better. She’d smelled this good the last time he had her within arm’s reach.

“And here I worried all the good sentinels would be taken,” he murmured against her ear.

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  1. Cathy permalink
    November 26, 2008 10:23 pm

    Happy Release day, Syd. I just added it to my wish list.

  2. Sydney permalink
    December 4, 2008 2:57 pm

    Thanks so much Cathy. I hope you enjoy reading it when you get the opportunity.

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