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Ten Things I Adore about my eReader

November 18, 2008

1. It’s backlit so I can read in bed without needing to have a light on. This little feature comes in super handy when we’re staying at my inlaw’s summer place and sharing the one-room bunkhouse with the kids.

2. I can usually read a full book and/or a few novellas before I need to recharge the battery.

3. An eBookshelf takes up a lot less room on my reader than my traditional TBR pile, and there is no one grumbling about books lying around.

4. Since I don’t have an iPhone, palm pilot or even a particularly cool MP3 player, I can at least dazzle some people with one cool toy that’s a little more cutting edge than the norm.

5. When I finish a book early in the evening and want to dive straight into another, I don’t have to move from my cozy corner of the couch (cause once I get up I just know someone will need me for something) to browse my books.

6. Unlike some of the rather pricey Sony or Kindle readers (which I still seriously hunger for) the eBookwise only cost me just over a hundred bucks. (Not counting stupid border-crossing fees *grumble*)

7. I can upload my own drafts and make notes or catch typos that I miss while proofing on my laptop.

8. eBooks are cheaper. Paperbacks tend to run from 9.99 to 20.00 for trade size in Canada. I can usually buy the same books for anywhere from 3.50 to 7.50 in eBook.

9. I can re-read my favorites as often as I want and never have to worry about it falling apart.

10. Did I mention it’s backlit?

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