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The Return

November 5, 2008

Wow. I have no idea where the last two months have gone, which is just about as long as my last WIP held me hostage. On top of finishing a book that needed to be dragged out of me word by freaking word (although I have to admit I’m incredibly thrilled with how Tate and Gideon’s story turned out)I was way more tired than I expected to be for this pregnancy. As in an insane amount of napping and no more late night writing sessions. Which seriously sucks when I’ve come to depend on writing late as my only guaranteed uninterrupted writing time.

Anyway, Whatever It Takes is finally done and now I’m happily working away on the next Destroyer book(Rae’s story). So far the story (and Rae and Parker) have cooperated with my highly fetal-influenced Muse. I just wish I knew how long I could count on that to last.

I will have a newsletter out later this month for those wondering. 🙂 And I’ve also got a new ARC contest for Enslaved running. I’ll be posting all the details here later, but if you want a peek, it’s already up on my Website.

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