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New Release and Excerpt

September 9, 2008

Storm Warning is finally available. Squee! I’ve been looking forward to this release since Stripped Away hit the cyber shelf and I can’t wait to hear what you all think of it.

STORM WARNING – Shadow Destroyers Book Three

Journalist Blair Murphy is on the trail of a hot lead when she meets an even hotter stranger. Charmed by Drew Reid’s sexy smile and intrigued by his evasive answers, Blair puts aside her undercover investigation of a corrupt politician for an under-the-covers investigation of every inch of his incredible body. But even after Drew satisfies her in every possible way, he refuses to satisfy her curiosity. Especially about the mystery woman who keeps calling his cell phone.

As a burnt-out demon slayer, the last thing Drew needs is an inquisitive woman complicating his life, especially when she turns out to be the one woman who’s strictly off limits—his partner’s sister. He knows firsthand why it’s important to keep loved ones at a distance, yet the fierce desire Blair arouses makes it impossible to stay away.

Just as Drew prepares to hang up his sword for a normal life, a vicious attack on Blair awakens a storm of powers inside her that rage beyond her control. As her emerging abilities become increasingly unstable, their searing passion could be her salvation—or destroy them both.


“Let’s go.”

Blair jumped at the dark shape that paused in front of her before grabbing her hand. “How do you do that?”


“Keep sneaking up on me like that. It’s weird.”

He moved slower this time, seeming to have no trouble at all navigating through the woods. Whatever field he worked in, it had to deal with some kind of nature or survival skills. How else could he move so effortlessly and without appearing to be hindered by the dark or the terrain?

She was grateful when the trees thinned and they emerged at the edge of a path and a staircase leading down to the beach. At least out in the open she didn’t need to rely on him to lead the way. The threat of discovery seemed to have passed, but Drew didn’t relinquish his hold on her. Her hand warmed in his grasp, and she took a step closer to him.

His head snapped up. “Damn, they’re persistent.” He motioned for them to take the stairs.

There wasn’t time to confirm they were still being followed. He tugged her down the steps after him and up the beach.

He stopped and faced her. “Still with me?”

Hearing nothing, she frowned. “Uh…yes?”

Drew dropped to the ground, taking her with him.

Clearly yes had been the wrong answer.

He rolled at the last second, pinning her beneath him. His body has taken the brunt of impact but she’d still been knocked breathless. Trapped beneath him and reminded of her earlier daydream, she couldn’t be sure that was entirely because of his maneuver.

His shoulders tensed under the grapple hold she had on his shoulders, but his smile remained devilish. “Here they come.”

And that was all the warning she got before he slanted his mouth across hers.

Warm and soft, his lips molded to hers. Her blood heated on contact and she couldn’t tamp down the faint whimper that slid up her throat the moment his tongue slipped across her bottom lip and pushed into her mouth.

One of his arms was trapped beneath her, his hand and fingers caressing the nape of her neck. The possessive hold tightened as the kiss moved from slow and tentative to dangerously explosive. She felt a groan rumble in his chest, and the answering wave of heat that swept through her at the primitive sound made her arch beneath him.

Blair draped her arm around his neck, dragging him closer. The man kissed the same way he flirted—sexy, playful, and when you let your guard down, he moved in for the kill. In under five seconds she’d gone from every muscle locking up at finding herself thrown to the ground to wanting to wrap herself around every inch of the powerful frame pressing her harder into the sand.

Storm Warning is now available from Samhain Publishing. Buy it Here!

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  1. Cathy permalink
    September 9, 2008 5:39 pm

    Congrats on your new release, Sydney. Love the new blog format.

  2. Esther permalink
    September 10, 2008 7:16 pm

    Congratulations Sydney! I downloaded my copy yesterday. Looking forward to a steamy weekend!

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