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Sore Today

September 21, 2007

Exercise would be so much easier if it didn’t freakin’ hurt so much. After a toning workout yesterday, I’m hurting in places that are hurting in places. Thankfully my wrists were spared any day-after tenderness. The good news is that I can write today. The bad news is I can write today. *sigh* Oh, to spend a couple of hours curled up with a book right now. I only have a huge TBR pile to choose from. But deadlines have to come first…or so I’m told.

But I was talking about exercise, yet one of the many things I tend to procrastinate about. I lost track of how many days now I’ve said that I was going to get back to working out. Okay, forget “get back to” because as much as I’ve tried to regularly exercise, I don’t. Which is just plain retarded. I mean, how hard is it for me to find 20 freakin’ minutes a day? Damn near impossible if you look at my pathetic track record. It’s a sad thing when I write about kickass heroines and yet playing soccer in the backyard with my five-year-old for five minutes exhausts me. *sigh*

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