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Crunch time – Ug

September 19, 2007

Every time I find myself looking at the closing window of a deadline I tell myself I will not procrastinate and will stay on top of writing and the necessary regular promo I need to do from now on. And every time, no matter how diligent and organized I try to be, I end up having to work like a dog towards the end of deadline. The bizarre and somewhat reassuring part is I seem to work well under pressure. Thrive, even.

Maybe my subconscious mind is well aware of that fact and purposely sets out to sabotage my attempts at being efficient and super organized. Luring me into distraction by playing to my addictions to Myspace, book trailers, a good book, The O.C (never watched it the first time it was on TV but LOVIN’ the rerun of episodes on Much Music). Whatever it takes to make it so I have to really buckle down and damn near drown in my story in order to get it turned in on time.

And that it soooo what I’m telling my editor when her foot starts to tap as she waits for me to turn in Stripped Away. *g*

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