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Demon Moon

September 13, 2007

One of the best things about an awesome series is knowing there is another book coming. The only downside to an awesome series is having to actually wait for the next book to release. But before I start salivating for the next book in Meljean Brook’s Guardian series, let me point out why people need to read this wonderfully talented author, more specifically Demon Moon. It’s not often that I come across such wickedly complex world building, nor that I fall head over heels for the kind of hero Colin is. But from start to finish this book completely engrossed me. I adored her heroine Savi and had been looking forward to her and Colin’s story since the potential for their relationship was hinted at in Demon Angel. Not only does Meljean suck me in so completely, I both laughed out loud and actually teared up (okay, cried) in a couple places—something I don’t do for many romances. It just doesn’t get much better than the emotional upheaval from two characters who are certain they can’t have a future. Toss in some fantastic action and some scenes with Lilith and Hugh and you’ve got one fabulous read.

Another plus…I recently got my hands on the Hot Spell Anthology which features the novella that kicked off Meljean’s Guardian series. At least that’s something to hold me over (almost)as I wait for Demon Night to release. February can’t come fast enough)

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