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When the sequel starts calling your name

August 30, 2007

And it’s worse when the book has a theme song. Last summer when I was editing Unbreakable the first time around I heard The Dolphin’s Cry from Live and it just clicked in my head for Quinn and Braxton’s story (Stripped Away). Since writing Unbreakable, I’ve been itching to get to the next book in the series.

I wrote the proposal for Stripped Away in winter 08 but have had other projects keeping me from getting back to it. Naturally as soon as Samhain revisions started for Unbreakable this month, Quinn and Braxton’s story really started unfolding in my head. Add to that listening to Dolphin’s Cry again and it was all I could do to ignore the voices begging me to get back to Quinn and Braxton. I had a serious internal sigh when I finally got to fall back into Stripped Away earlier this week. The second book in the series is out in February 08 so I have plenty to do in the coming weeks.

For those who are curious there are five books planned for the series, and already I’m fighting the whispers from Drew to get started on the third one.

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