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Two Times the Fun!

May 29, 2007

The only thing better than doing the new release happy dance, is doing it for TWO new releases.

Private investigator Finn Calder would sooner take a Lancaster witch out to dinner than work another cheating spouse case. Considering the long standing feud between their two families, that’s saying a lot. But when gorgeous Bree Jacobs works her way into the middle of his case with one memorable lap dance, Finn starts to think things are finally looking up.

The last man Bree Lancaster Jacobs expected to be attracted to was a cocky P.I. with his share of family secrets. Not even an age-old rivalry can stop her heart from pounding whenever Finn gets too close. As they work to solve a murder they both have a vested interest in, Bree knows she’s in real danger of losing her heart to a man who could never love her.

For Julia Sanchez, Infinity is more than just the name of the popular nightclub she runs, it’s also how long she expects to live. Alone. Abandoned by her life-mate over a century ago, Julia has come to terms with her future. Or so she believes, right up until Brody sweeps back into her life…and right back out again. But a lot has changed in the years he’s been absent and Julia has no intention of sitting idly by when he pulls another disappearing act.

Hunted by warriors sworn to protect humankind from vampires, Brody forced himself to walk away from Julia. A century later, even imprisonment has done little to ease his need for the only true light in a world of darkness. But as long as his pursuers believe Brody is the Key to unlocking the mystery of his race, only one thing will keep Julia safe. Convincing her that he never loved her. And before she’s used as a pawn in a dangerous game that could mean sacrificing more than just his heart for the woman he loves.

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  1. Caffey permalink
    June 11, 2007 5:49 am

    Lots to look forward to!! I loved the first Spellbound so I’m excited about this and too your new NCP one! I have some catching up shopping to do soon! Sorry I missed you mostly on the RJ day. I got to stop in once but was unable to be on most of the week. But they so great over there, I’m sure you had a blast!

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