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Meet Finn and Bree

May 26, 2007

Don’t Let Go releases this Tuesday!

Finn’s point of view

Give me a missing person case, a lost pet, a mystery blackmailer, a murder trail gone cold, but for the love of God I need a break from adultery. The only saving grace for the case I’m working now is Bree Jacobs. Every time I turn around she’s popping up in the middle of my investigation, and the more I learn about this woman, the more I want to know. Crave to know. Already she’s worked under my skin in a way that makes me think the dating scene has gotten really old.

If only I didn’t find her standing over a dead body.

There are layers to Bree not even magic can get at, but the more I push to understand her, to find out why she’s so interested in my case, to figure out why I’m so intrigued by her, the more I risk crossing a line that no Calder is ever supposed to cross.

Bree’s point of view

I’ll do anything for the people I love. Need to talk to the man who ripped you off? No problem, I’ve got the perfect stilettos and corset for the job. Need to get a closer look at a home office? There isn’t a lock I can’t open. Need to look like a woman on short notice? Well…I have friend who can help with that one.

I may have been away for a while, but when it comes to making up for not being there, I’m ahead of the game. Or so I thought until I crossed paths with a cocky P.I. who makes me think of long, hot nights and kisses that do a hell of a lot more than make you weak in the knees.

Not so long ago running was easier than facing the changes in my life. Learning that Finn is not only a warlock, but also a Calder gives me a whole new reason to take off for parts unknown. That might even be an option if he wasn’t my alibi and if I wasn’t already falling for him.

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