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Meet Will and Lanie from DESTINED

April 21, 2007

Will’s point of view

I never believed in second chances. Not until I crossed paths with a woman whose face still haunts my dreams. With one look the past comes roaring back, but is it really the woman I loved and lost centuries ago, or is Lanie capable of taking me to my knees all on her own?

While my body aches to possess her, I know what loving someone so deeply cost me before, and I’m not heading down that road again. And I may never learn who Lanie really is unless I can keep her alive. The only thing a vampire fears more than sunlight, is the race of humans who hunt us. They should have no interest in Lanie, but twice now they’ve come for her. The only thing that terrifies me more than even thinking of opening my heart to this woman, is knowing the hunters won’t stop until they get what they’re after.

And they’ll have to kill me to get her.

Lanie’s point of view

His face is one I know well. So well I can’t help but question my very sanity when my fantasy man shows up in the flesh. Like the dreams that rule my nights, I hunger for him like no one else. But Will Matheson is more than he appears. With every glimpse into those haunting blue eyes that see right through me, I know he hides the truth.

He tells me we’ve never met, but the way he watches me when he thinks I’m not looking proves I’m right. The only thing I crave more than a night in his arms is the truth, and the only people who might tell me what that is, want me dead.

My heart tells me that trusting Will is the right decision, but such faith in a man shrouded in secrets may cost me more than my heart.

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