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Another Monday

April 9, 2007

Things to look forward to this week:

– Tackling revisions for Don’t Let Go, cause I’m weird like that.
– Turning in Sacrificed to my editor. Amother one down. Almost. *g*
– Reading Shannon Stacey’s On The Edge and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The Dream Hunter.

Things to put off until next week: (Again)

– Stripping wallpaper off the kitchen walls so they can be repainted. Ug. Candidate for Trading Spaces, or any other home design show, I am not.
– Fleshing out the plot for Tempted. Julia and Brody (Sacrificed) are still drowning out Gabe and Brynn.
– The sock basket. Sometimes listening to my husband grumble about no socks is just too fun.

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