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April 7, 2007


Alone, immortal, and untouchable, Will Matheson never expected to come face to face with his past. Powerful feelings once buried deep, come roaring to the surface when he lays eyes on Lanie Sullivan. Even though Will assures himself Lanie can’t really be the woman he loved and lost long ago, being around her awakens a hunger within him, a hunger to know her in all the ways his body insists he already does.

The unexpected appearance of man she thought only existed in her dreams ignites a spark inside Lanie she’s long thought lost. More troubling than her immediate awareness and connection with the stranger is that Will may be the only one who can keep her safe from the darkness stalking her. But can Lanie trust him with her life and her heart when she knows he hides the truth, or will the secret that he keeps push her away forever?


“Feel free to run screaming anytime,” she said hesitantly.
Will studied the charcoal sketch of himself, noted his hair was the same length and style he’d sported hundreds of years ago.

“When did you draw these?” He picked up another drawing, this one done in pencil. The attention to detail was incredible. It took a gifted hand to be able to capture such likeness.

Lanie took her time crossing to his side, her stride hesitant. She glanced over his shoulder at the sketch. “I started almost five years ago. You sure you don’t want to run?”

He set the drawing aside, picked up another one. “Do you believe in fate, Lanie?”

“I didn’t until you walked into the bookshop.”

Her brown eyes triggered a warm rush in his chest, and he turned towards her. She smelled so soft and warm and good. He ached to take her in his arms until she remembered him. But there was no guarantee she ever would. Elizabeth was dead, gone. Even if a tiny part of her was buried inside the woman in front of him, Lanie Sullivan was her own person.

So where did that leave him? Them?

Lanie tilted her soulful gaze up to meet his. “What about you? Do you believe in fate?’

Will shrugged and closed his eyes against the warmth radiating off her. If he moved another inch to the right, he’d be touching her, and her proximity was already playing havoc with his insides. He didn’t need to look down to see exactly what effect she had on him. His aching erection told the whole story. Still, he couldn’t drag himself away. “I’ve asked myself that since the other night.”

She gripped his sleeve. “I’ve dreamed about you for five years, Will. What does that mean?”

Five years? Christ. He needed to sit down. He needed to get out of here. He needed to hold her in his arms and never let her go.

Will closed his eyes, waited for some sign to show him the right thing to do.

“Kind of overwhelming I know,” Lanie said. Her voice shuttled over him in a seductive wave.

Will opened his eyes. Desire for this woman, sharp and soul deep, almost brought him to his knees. His arms slipped around her waist and he tugged her flush against him. He took a deep breath, his senses absorbing the scent of her, memorizing the feel her as if she might leave him again. Her head tipped back to expose the slender column of her neck. Her pulse pounded fast and hard. The monster inside him smiled at the offering, dared him to take it from her. Helpless to fight her effect on him and the hunger inside him, Will bent his head and brushed his mouth across the tender flesh.

She trembled in his arms, tasted like the sweetest of sins and he meant to have her. All of her. Now.

He walked them back until Lanie’s back hit the wall. Crushed against him, her every curve burned through his body from head to foot. Her pulse kicked up, and he felt a vein thump under his mouth. Just one nip of his teeth and he could taste her.

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