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Taking Stock

March 26, 2007

Now that it’s Monday again it’s time to look at all the stuff that DIDN’t get done last week or on the weekend. My sister visited for the weekend, which always guarantees I’ll find hanging out with her more exciting than working on my book. Good because it meant I watched some of my favorite episodes from Buffy Season Two. Bad because my characters are giving me hell for tuning them out for most of the weekend. I’d like to say they’ll get over it, but not before they punish me in some way. Like going mute when I have quiet time tonight to write. *sigh*

Today’s To Do List

* Clean out bedroom closet – Will probably get put off until next week. Again. LOL

* Finish switching over website and blog to newer color/layout – One down, one to go.

* Next chapter of Sacrified – Started.

* Brainstorm more for Tempted – Started.

* Laundry – One load in the washer that will probably sit there until tomorrow morning. LOL

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