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Manic Monday

March 12, 2007

I’m generally a lover of Mondays. It’s always a good productive day for me. Just having come home from a trip to my parents, my to-do list is waaaaay too long this week. But since it’s Monday and whining about how much I have to do won’t get things done any sooner, I’m looking at it as just getting started instead of being behind. Bless Flylady for helping me get a little more organized.

My short To-Do List:

1. Laundry

2. Write 20 pages of Sacrificed

3. E-mail catch up

4. More Laundry

5. Constructing vast railway systems that proves to my boys that mommy is much better at playing “trains” than daddy.

6. Reorganizing all the bottom cupboards since my husband was awesome enough to install a new countertop this weekend, and this is supposed to be me doing my part. *snort*

7. Another freakin’ load (or five) of laundry.

8. Contemplating which culinary materpiece I’ll prepare for supper tonight.

9. Actually “preparing” said culinary materpiece.

10. Putting away all that laundry. *sigh*

My realistic To-Do List

1. As little laundry as I can get away with. (Translates to husband moaning about only having three pairs of socks in his drawer instead of the fifty he could have if the sock basket was tackled. Really, who the hell needs 50 pairs of socks, okay 30, in their drawer at once anyway?)

2. Twenty Pages of Sacrificed. (This one is sooooo non-negotiable)

3. Train building. (cause as much as I adore my husband deep down, any excuse to prove I’m the better railway builder is worth the time it takes away from the laundry *g*)

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