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Catching up

March 6, 2007

I think I’m finally caught up, or as caught up (deadlines, housework, blogging lol)as I ever get. I’ve come to accept the fact that there is no such thing as “being on top of it”. Every time I gain a foothold, along comes another project, another item to add to my to-do list, and I do what I can. Less stress makes a happier Sydney, and a happier Syndey gets more writing done. Which translates to good for me, good for my DH and boys, and good for the people who buy my books.*g*

Oh, and I got a couple reviews back last week, one of them a Recommended Read for Resurrection. Yay! Here’s some snippets:

“Shadow Destroyers: Resurrection is an excellent beginning charged with passion, power, and a stellar plot. Sydney Somers immediately embroils readers in the undercurrents of a dark world most humans don’t see. The story development is well done. Readers begin with one act, and just like the characters, are thrust believably into a world ripe with demons and hunters…They are joined by a cast of secondary characters that ensure this story never stops and has this reviewer anxiously waiting to see what happens next.” – 5 Angels and RR from Amanda

“Sydney Somers is quickly becoming a favorite of this reader. She never fails to deliver a story rich in characters and romance. Call Me Cupid is a humorous, romantic story just in time for Valentine’s… The plot is constantly moving and balances passion, sentiment, and humor wonderfully; rarely have I had this much fun reading a do-over story.” 5 Angels from Amanda

“Sydney Somers conveys the longing and passion of reunited lovers wonderfully in Trading Favors. The story builds immediately with interwoven plots and captured my attention on more than one level…Yet surrounding this wonderfully hot attraction is suspense and a poignant second chance at love. The author weaves all these elements together nicely and delivers a short story that will entertain readers at any time.” 5 Angels from Amanda

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