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Great Book!

February 19, 2007

Have you discovered Shannon Stacey? I first got to read Shannon’s stuff when we were in the Talons series together and I was really impressed with her story Kiss Me Deadly. I’ve really tried in the last couple weeks to get more reading in, aiming for ten books a month instead of the four or so I’ve been averaging. Anyway, so this weekend I cracked open Shannon’s 72 Hours and ate up every single word. It’s one of those books that just sucks you in from page one. Great action and adventure, awesome sexual tension and jammed packed with plenty of gut wrenching emotion and angst.Can you tell I really enjoyed this book? *g*

Shannon is one of those authors for me now that when you close the book (or turn off the e-reader *g*) you just sit there a moment and just…sigh. The next book in the Devlin Group series, On the Edge comes out next month from Samhain, and I’ll sooo be there to snap it up.

You can check out more about 72 Hours and Shannon’s other books at her Website!

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