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How to Seduce your Ex

February 9, 2007

How to Seduce Your Ex in five easy steps.

From Call Me Cupid – Now available).

1. Denial will get you nowhere.

AJ moved from the floor to the edge of the bed, vaguely aware she still held the locket in her hand.
Her mother sat next to her. “You’re not okay with this, are you?”

Of course she was. She had to be. If she wasn’t, that might mean she still wasn’t over him. And she was so over Cooper McLain.

“I’m just thinking of everything we still have to do today is all.”

Her mother studied AJ carefully with that suspicious mother look every woman with children mastered from the point of conception.

To prove she was perfectly unruffled by the latest development, AJ stood up and strode for the bathroom. “Let me grab a quick shower and we can get started.”

She closed the door and faced herself in the mirror. “You are over him. Way, way over him,” she reminded herself, then laid the locket down on the vanity and made herself forget all about Cooper.

2. Listen when he speaks from the heart.

She felt him watching her.

“Do you ever think, ever wonder what things would have been like if we…if things hadn’t ended the way they had?”

The regret she heard in his voice brought her head up. Big mistake.

Now she was looking directing into his eyes. Eyes that melted into hers countless nights as they talked, laughed, made love. When she realized she was staring at his mouth, she stepped out of his arms.

“That was a long time ago.”

“Not to me.”

3. Steal a moment alone.

She ordered her fingers to release the hold they had on his shirt.

Cooper leaned in, his cheek brushing hers, his mouth next to her ear. “I’ve missed you, AJ.”

She nearly whimpered, but whether it was from her heart breaking all over again or because she knew she had to let go, she didn’t know.

He caught her chin in his hand, freezing her in her tracks.

She wanted to back up, but the warm pressure of his hand against her back felt too good. “I’ve had one hell of a day, you know.”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Without a doubt she knew he wasn’t apologizing for her bad day. This was something else. Something far more important.

4. Let go of your inhibitions.

“How many drinks have you had?”

“Not enough.” She motioned him to pick up his glass.

He complied.

AJ grinned. A thickening tingle hummed in her middle as she let her gaze pause on his mouth.

She set the glass down, forgetting her urge to take a drink. Right now there was something she hungered for far more than alcohol. And seeing as how Cooper wasn’t going to remember a thing tomorrow, she let the last of her inhibitions die a real quick death.

His eyes flared as she straddled him, the rise of the paneled wood above the booth hiding them from the bartender and anyone else who might stroll into the bar.

5. When all else fails, make a scene.

AJ jerked to her feet. “I need to go.” She needed to get out of here. Out of the hotel. She couldn’t think here. Not with Cooper looking at her like she was breaking his heart.

She had to go. AJ moved for the door, not caring her clothes were scattered around the room. With the bedspread clutched to her chin, she wrenched the door open.

“You can’t take off.”

“Watch me,” she snapped over her shoulder.

“AJ, you’re wearing a bedspread.”

In the hallway she whirled around, her eyes narrowing. “No one is going to remember this in the morning anyway, so who in the hell cares.”

Call Me Cupid

On the day before her wedding, the last thing AJ needs is the ex she never truly got over showing up to complicate things. But when fate throws a curve ball and she wakes to relive the same day over and over, the only person who may know what’s going on is the one man she can never trust her heart to.

Cooper thought he wanted closure. Seeing AJ again proves he’s anything but ready to let go. With a Greek god in his corner he’s got all the time in the world to convince AJ that she still loves him—if such a bold move doesn’t push her straight out of his arms forever.

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