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He Said…She Said

February 5, 2007

From Call Me Cupid – Available February 6th.

Cooper’s Point of View

Everyone has a black sheep in the family. You know, the one who’s really different from everyone else and you wonder how they ended up in yours? My family has one. Did I mention he’s immortal and likes to interfere in my life? I can tell by the look in his eyes he’s up to something.

Unfortunately I’m a bit distracted by the fact that the woman I’m still in love with is about to walk down the aisle with someone else. She deserves better than me. I know it. And yet I can’t seem to make myself let go. It would be easier to walk away if I could look in her eyes and know that she doesn’t love me any more. But AJ’s never been good at burying her feelings any more than I’ve been good at giving up the one thing in my life that makes me ache for what’s been lost and hunger for what my heart needs the most. Her.

AJ’s Point of View

Bill Murray’s got nothing on me. He had cold weather and a ground hog to report on. Me, I’ve got the exuberant wedding enthusiast (a.k.a my mother), an ex as a last minute wedding guest and fiancé that only seems to be around at the worst possible moments. But wait, things get worse. As if finding out Cooper still loves me isn’t enough, and fearing that I’m not over him nearly as much as I believed, I’m stuck in the time warp from hell.

And no one knows it but me.

How do you tell your mother that it’s not just cold feet that has you freaking out without booking yourself an extended stay at the nearest nut house? And how do you stop loving the one man you already let break your heart once before? The same man that reminds you with every heated stare that things between the two of you aren’t so dead and buried after all.

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