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The things he says to make me feel better

January 31, 2007

I’m three months from turning the big 3-0. For some reason turning 25 got me down more than my approaching milestone. Is 30 a milestone? LOL The husband said its because 25 signaled the end of my partying era. *snort*

My sister turns 25 next week and she’s looking forward to a night out. A great chance to revist my partying era according the husband. I’m thinking about the fact that I’ll spend half the night trying to avoid the jabbing elbows of the twenty-year-old girls in the midst of their partying era and not willing to give up an inch of their dance floor space.

I’m all for a night out with no kids though so I’m going with it. “Relax,” my husband says as we’re talking about this, “Didn’t you know? 30 is the new 20.”

Huh. The things you learn.

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