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The sweet sound of silence

January 31, 2007

Or almost. And who do I have to thank? My husband of course. I even finished up my twenty page goal for the day (Fast Draft kicks ass). But as nice as the sound of my sleeping children is, I have to admit I’m damn jealous. While I’m out getting grocerys, a task I loathe most days(more so when its -30C with the wind chill) my husband gets the task of getting the kids to bed. Just so you can appreciate the difference, allow me to illustrate.

Bedtime with Mommy – Get a drink before bed, read story, tuck in, shut off light, turn light back on for a second kiss, get into the hall, answer yell for help, light back on, track down toy that was dropped under bed, lights out again. Five Minutes of silence. Hear scuffling and see bedroom light is back on. Youngest is in the top bunk fighting with oldest for the blanket. Replace little one. Another kiss and lights back off. Ten minutes of silence. Then whispers about oldest needing the pee again, or needing to tell me something, or coughing cause he needs another drink. Lights out finally. If I’m lucky.

Bedtime with Daddy – Drink before bed, ready story, tuck in, lights out.

That’s it. Where is the fairness in this? *sigh*

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