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The doctor is in

January 28, 2007

Sometimes when a fun idea pops into your head, all you can do is run with it. *g* My characters from Call Me Cupid were stressing over reliving the same day over and over (can’t imagine why) and got it into their heads (or maybe it was my head lol) that they needed to talk it out with someone. I tracked down a credible therapist naturally and away they went. Read on to see how AJ (my heroine caught in a cycle of reliving the day before her wedding) and Cooper (the hero and also AJ’s ex) handled their therapy sessions. *g*

AJ’s Session

Therapist: “Would you like to begin?”

AJ: “Begin? Isn’t this kind of intervention supposed to take place before a psychotic break?”

Therapist: “Is that what this is?”

AJ: “I’m reliving the same day over and over. What do you think?”

Therapist: opens notebook. “Does this happen regularly?”

AJ: “If it did I’m sure I’d be wearing the latest fashion in strait jackets and making my home in a cozy padded cell by now.” squirms on the edge of the chair. ” This whole repeat day thing is definitely a first for me.”

Therapist: “You’re frustrated.”

AJ: She snorts and leaves it at that.

Therapist: Jots a few notes down. “Tell me about the man you’re supposed to marry.”

AJ: visibly uncomfortable. “Kirk’s not the man I thought he was.”

Therapist: “Or just not the man you wanted him to be?”

AJ: shrugs. “It’s complicated.”

Therapist: Nods and adds another note. Tips the paper up when AJ gets too curious.

“Okay then, why don’t we talk about Cooper?”

AJ: smiles briefly, then sighs. “The man drives me crazy.” She gets up and crosses her arms as she stares out the window of the small office. “I just wish I knew how long this was going to continue. I want my life back.”

Therapist: “And what will that life be when this is done?”

AJ: quietly, “I wish I knew.”

Therapist: “Do you still love Cooper?” Leans forward as though her answer will change everything.

AJ: “I’ve been living in a vacuum for days and every time I turn around he’s there and…” closes eyes. “I don’t know what’s going on.”

Therapist: more firmly, “Do you still love Cooper?”

AJ: stares straight ahead, a sad look on her face. “Sometimes love isn’t enough, is it?”

Therapist: “If you have love you can overcome anything.”

AJ: arches brow. “That’s a little optimistic for a shrink isn’t it?”

Therapist: smiles. “Not this shrink.” glances at watch. “Looks like our time is up.”

Cooper’s Session

Cooper: strolls into office and flops down on his back on the couch, hands laced under his head. Glances absently at the therapist. “Is this fine or do we need to do some ink blot thing first?”

Therapist: smiles. “Make yourself comfortable.”

Cooper: stares quietly at the ceiling for a moment. “I should let her go. Let her move on with someone who deserves her. I know that.”

Therapist: “But?”

Cooper: “I just don’t know how to stop loving her.”

Therapist: “Do you want to?”

Cooper: “I thought I did.” sits up. “Now… Things are different, for both of us. But where does that leave me? Us?”

Therapist: “How do you feel about what’s happening?”

Cooper: growls, “At least I know who to blame.”

Therapist: “Yourself?”

Cooper: bitter laugh, then gets up to pace. “I can take credit for screwing up a lot of things in my life, but not this.”

Therapist: Leans back, cocks his head. “So who is responsible?”

Cooper: “And I’d seriously kick his ass if I stood a chance of hurting him.”

Therapist: smiles curiously. “Whose ass?”

Cooper: sighs. “Does it matter? It’s in his hands.”

Therapist: “People have more control over their fate than they often think.”

Cooper: “You don’t know Eros.”

Therapist: makes a few notes. “And he is?”

Cooper: shrugs. “No point in going there. Things are bad enough without him coming down on me for outing him.”

Therapist: shrugs. “How is AJ handling all this?”

Cooper: “Probably better if she knew the whole story.”

Therapist: “But you’re keeping it from her?”

Cooper: bows head. “Sometimes the truth can do more harm than letting people believe what they want.”

Therapist: tosses notebook aside as though he’s lost his patience. “And sometimes the truth will set you free.”

Copper: doesn’t look convinced.

Therapist: glances at watch. “Times up. Same time same place tomorrow?”

Cooper: groans. “More than likely.”

A woman materializes next to the desk when Cooper leaves. “How long are you going to torment them like this, Eros?”

Eros: with a flash of light the short, balding therapist seated behind the desk is replaced by gorgeous blond-haired man. He leans forward. “As long as they keep doing it to themselves, Psyche.”

Psyche: rolls eyes. “You could just use an arrow. You know, like you used to.”

Eros: grins. “But it’s so much more fun this way.”

Psyche: glances around office. “And where is the real therapist?”

Eros: “On some beach in Tahiti.”

Psyche: takes a seat in Eros’s lap. “That sounds pretty good to me actually. Your mother’s been a serious pain in the ass lately.”

Eros: runs a hungry gaze over her. “You still have that slinky two piece suit?”

Psyche: grins. “You mean the shoe string?”

Eros: “That would be the one.”

Psyche: smiles wickedly. “I think I can do better even than that.” she vanishes from his arms.

Eros: tosses notebook he’s been doodling on into the drawer then vanishes out of the room to find Psyche.

Find AJ, Cooper, Eros and Psyche in my upcoming release, Call Me Cupid, coming February 6th.

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  1. Cathy permalink
    January 28, 2007 10:47 pm

    You are right, this was very fun to read.

  2. Sydney permalink
    February 5, 2007 3:35 am

    Thanks Cathy!

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