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Updates are always good

January 18, 2007

Seems like its been a while since I checked in just to say what I’m working on. Been writing up a storm. I hadn’t realized my muse had been copping out on me until she came back full force. The downside-too many characters at once wanting their story told NOW.

So lets see, edits all finished and turned in on Trading Favors (more coming on this) and on Call Me Cupid. I’m also still wrapping up my next Calder witch story, and have a handle on the next Destroyer book. Also have my fantasy one sitting there quietly waiting for me to finish, oh and a new contemporary novella that’s playing in the back of my head.

I finally got my website updated and current with all the blurbs up on my coming soon page, with the exception of Don’t Let Go. I’m still having a hard time getting that one down. 😦

Also been reading up a storm. LOVED Meljean Brook’s Demon Angel, and have been happily devouring Sherrilyn Kneyon’s, Night Play for the last couple of days. I hate it when you get close to the end of a book and you know its sooner going to be over.

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