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Trading Favors

January 18, 2007

Trading Favors (Releases next month from Triskelion Publishing).

When detective Genevieve O’Rion came back to town, the last place she expected to find herself was on her ex’s doorstep. After eight months, the only thing she wants from Joel Maddox is information. But every deal with the devil comes with a price.

Joel has no intention of letting Gen walk back out of his life a second time. With his werewolf heritage as his only ace in the hole to get the information she’s looking for, Joel’s not above striking a little bargain to sweeten the deal. One that will give them both exactly what they need.

Each other.


“I take it this isn’t a personal call?” And for some reason that was beginning to tick him off. He couldn’t help wonder if she would have bothered to let him know she’d come home if not for whatever reason brought her to his door tonight.


“Too bad.” He trailed his gaze up her body, pausing at the tantalizing tease of cleavage the low v-neck halter offered.

“I need a favor.”

Joel arched a brow. “Oh?” He took three steps closer, pleased when she held her ground. Of course, with the island counter in the middle of the kitchen against her back, there weren’t a lot of places she could go.

“What kind of favor?” He propped one hand on the counter beside her and leaned in. A slow inhale brought her scent to the forefront where it tempted the animal within. “Does it by chance begin with slowly peeling your clothes off and ending with either of us able to move a muscle?””

Her eyes flared before anger filled the swirling whiskey colored pools.

Joel bit back his smile, but didn’t retreat. She was as turned on as he was, and that fact alone was the only reason he didn’t back off as her eyes warned him to. The full moon tonight certainly wasn’t helping. He could feel the wildness inside him straining for control. That combined with the fact he hadn’t touched a woman since she left made it increasingly difficult to check the urge to lift her onto the counter, tug off her skirt and panties and bury himself deep inside her.

“I tell you what,” he said, his mouth next to her ear. He tried to keep the smile from his voice when he saw her start to reach out to him, then lower and curl her hand into a fist at her side. “You answer one question for me, and then you can ask your favor.”

Genevieve cocked her head, the critical gaze as familiar to him as his own reflection, and one that had haunted him in all the months she’d been gone. She nodded slowly.

Joel grinned. “Good.” He gently scuffed his stubbled jaw against her cheek. “Tell me why you took off.”

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  1. Pamk permalink
    January 19, 2007 1:40 am

    ooh I want this one.

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