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How to Seduce Your Ex – Step One

January 10, 2007

From CALL ME CUPID – Releasing February 2007

How to Seduce Your Ex

1. Denial will get you nowhere.

From the corner of her eye she saw him maneuver through the laughing and chatting bodies to get to her.

She tipped back the wine glass and downed the remaining contents.

You’re over him. So cool it.

Her hand trembled as she set the empty glass down on the closest table.

Yeah, that worked real well, she thought wryly.

She tried and failed to force herself to look at him as he approached. AJ closed her eyes and stole another quick breath. She squared her shoulders and turned to face him, making certain the polite smile she managed to pull together couldn’t be interpreted as anything but sincere.

Forget that she was shaking inside. Badly.

Look for another tip on How to Seduce Your Ex next week.

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