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Call Me Cupid – Teaser

January 2, 2007

CALL ME CUPID – Coming February 6, 2007
On the day before her wedding, the last thing AJ needs is the ex she never truly got over showing up to complicate things. But when fate throws a curve ball and she wakes to relive the same day over and over, the only person who may know what’s going on is the one man she can never trust her heart to.

Cooper thought he wanted closure. Seeing AJ again proves he’s anything but ready to let go. With a Greek god in his corner he’s got all the time in the world to convince AJ that she still loves him—if such a bold move doesn’t push her straight out of his arms forever.
Unedited Teaser
AJ paused, her fingers closing around a locket that had been carefully tucked away in the bottom of the box. Out of sight.

Habit had her flipping open the small hinge. Her heart kicked against her ribs as she studied the tiny picture inside.

“I remember the day he gave you that,” her mother said. “I think you cried.”

AJ nodded. She had.

But then again, she’d cried more than once over Cooper, especially at the end of their rocky relationship. She closed the locket and held it in her palm as a familiar ache settled deep in her chest before she pushed it back.

Not today. Not any day.

And how many times had she told herself that before?

“I can’t wait to see him. It’s been too long.”

AJ continued to stare at the locket, her mother’s words taking a few extra seconds to penetrate.

“What? When will you be seeing Cooper again?”

Her mother arched a brow. “Tomorrow. At the wedding. Don’t tell me you forgot he was coming?”

AJ gaped. “You said you invited him. You never said he was actually coming.” Her heart continued to pick up speed. It had been months since they’d last crossed paths and she could still remember the heat from Cooper’s gaze nearly incinerated her on the spot.

“You should have told me,” AJ continued.

Her mother paused, her brows furrowed a little too perceptively for comfort. “You said you understood that he and your father were still pretty close and that it was okay to invite him. You said you were still friends.”

“I think I said we were civil. Not friends exactly. And I didn’t think he would actually come.”

Her mother shrugged and finished cleaning up the jewelry, tucking everything neatly away once more.

AJ moved from the floor to the edge of the bed, vaguely aware she still held the locket in her hand.

Her mother sat next to her. “You’re not okay with this, are you?”

Of course she was. She had to be. If she wasn’t, that might mean she still wasn’t over him. And she was so over Cooper McLain.

“I’m just thinking of everything we still have to do today is all.”

Her mother studied AJ carefully with that suspicious mother look every woman with children mastered from the point of conception.

To prove she was perfectly unruffled by the latest development, AJ stood up and strode for the bathroom. “Let me grab a quick shower and we can get started.”

She closed the door and faced herself in the mirror. “You are over him. Way, way over him,” she reminded herself, then laid the locket down on the vanity and made herself forget all about Cooper.

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