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Some great new Reviews

November 30, 2006

5 Clovers and a Recommended Read for Talons: Caged Desire from Kwips and Kritiques!

“Sydney Somers is an author who I’ve only recently become acquainted with; already, I love her work. Resurrection, the first work of hers I read, was like a catapult ride. This installment in the Talons series by Samhain, while not quite as turbulent, is a more than satisfactory read in an already very satisfactory series.

Her dialogue is fresh and well-written, and her characters are too. Logan is so delicious you just want to take a bite out of him. Eve is a confident lady, who makes the perfect match for Logan. While the story’s length is short, nothing about the character’s encounters seems rushed or forced-an all-too-common flaw in stories of this length. Both Logan and Eve come across as warm and likeable, and their relationship as believable and enjoyable.

This is an author I fully enjoy reading, whatever pace she sets. I look forward to her next book with pleasurable anticipation.” – Lee

5 Angels for Caged Desire from Fallen Angel Reviews!

“Caged Desire is a unique story about envy, deceit, trust, lust and love. Logan was betrayed by the one person whom he trusted the most, his twin brother. While Eve was leery of any and everyone, as a vampire, she did not trust easily because it could cause her life to end in the blink of any eye. Readers, you will not be disappointed with this tale. In fact, you will be totally captivated by the sensual chemistry between Logan and Eva. As a couple, these two were spectacularly passionate and lustfully hot. The plot moves at a fast, intriguing pace, so much so, that I was drawing to the dramatic conclusion before I knew it. This is one story that you do not want to miss!” – Contessa

4 1/2 Stars for Hide and Seek from Ecatromance Sensual!

“Hot, sensual and everything you could want in a book Hide and Seek brings an added dimension to a game you played as a child but with a twist. I loved this book Ms Somers has captured an essence that makes the reader almost wish they were there. Playing hide and seek has never been more fun or more sensual than it was in this book. I really enjoyed True and Noah because their unusual attraction to each other really came to life. I could almost see the expressions they had on their faces and experience what they were feeling, it was so surreal. Sydney Somers is a talented author and this book is another reason why I love her work so much. Go and get your copy of this fabulous book today, if you don’t you will be kicking yourself.” Sheryl

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