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Good books

November 6, 2006

You know, the ones where after you’re done you want to go back and skim some of your favorite parts over again, or maybe start the whole thing again, or wish you could read more about there hero and heroine beyond the end of the story. Judith McNaught has always been a favorite of mine. Her book, Perfect, made me fall in love with romance books and want to pick my pen up again and give writing another try. I started writing my first book in eleventh grade during a an intro course on creative writing. But then university crept up and after school jobs and there wasn’t enough time to write much, but I always had time for reading.

So I just finished Judith McNaught’s latest. Every breath you take. McNaught is a definite talent in the romance industry. One of my favorite parts of her books are the endings. I’ve always LOVED the endings to her books. They just always leave me with the one moment of satisfaction that makes reading a great book so enjoyable. I’ve always tried to do the same with my books and really try to capture the book and wrap it up in a few lines that brings it all together. Writing endings isn’t always easy. I like to have the endings of my books worked out before I get to the end. I start to panic if some bits of the scene haven’t unraveled in my head by the halfway point, but inevitably it all comes together.

Now, the only down side to this book, and its something that drives me nutty now more than it ever used to, is where the hero and heroine are separated for chapters at a time. I mean conflict is good. Good conflict, or lack there of can make or break a book. But when its just scenes that feel like they’re there just to bide time until they the H/h cross paths again, I want to yell. The problem is then I want to skim. I want to bypass the scenes between scretaries that go one for four or five pages when they probably only need to be four or five paragraphs. And I hate skimming because then I think I’m missing something important. But when an author has so perfectly built up the H/h, they leave readers like me on the edge of our seat to see what will happen when they run into each other again, and the less exciting scenes are harder to read slowly through when things are so up in the air.

It’s become almost frustrating for me. I actually put the book down at one point because I skimmed and saw I had to read a few chapters even before the H/h were going to see each other again. Part of me wanted to read it and read quick to see them come face to face, and the other part of me was so disappointed there was such a wait, I lost a little enthusiasm for reading it.

I wonder if thats because I read a lot of ebooks. And with ebooks, books often move at a slightly faster pace, probably because ebooks are shorter on average than paperbacks, so the author almost has to work faster, and has learned to leave a lot of those minor scenes between H/h encounters shorter. Then again, maybe that’s just been my own reading experiences lately.

Either way the gap in the story didn’t stop me from picking it up and sinking back into the story after I got finished pouting. lol

Now the biggest question… What will I read next?

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  1. Cathy permalink
    November 8, 2006 12:27 am

    I totally get what you are saying. I always have so many books waiting to be read, both formats, that if the story starts to drag, I will skip to the end and move on. Just did this too, with a new paper back release of one of my auto buy authors. Oh well, on to the next, which for me is Tara Janzen, Crazy Sweet.

  2. Sydney permalink
    November 23, 2006 2:48 am

    I haven’t read any of these ones, but I hear the series regularly mentioned. I’ll have to look into picking one up.

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