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I go this way… they go that way

September 21, 2006

In case you haven’t heard, writing can be an extremely frustrating process. There are days when I’d rather cold wax my legs one miniscule hair at a time over writing a scene that isn’t working. And then there are some days where I’m thinking that I soooo nailed a scene. I wish there were more days of happy-medium land where I could swing contently in the breeze. But alas, such is not the case. How can it be when I’ve got a werewolf being a little too determined to chase his heroine off his island, and a warlock who is supressing his playboy ways. Not all in the same story. LOL.

The point is, neither characters are doing what I planned. I’m a plotter, so when I sit down to write I’ve got a fairly good grasp of my characters, even if its all in my head. But no matter what you, the author, wants, characters take on a life of their own. And the thing is, once they dig in their heels, you’ve got a better chance of convincing you’re husband that you really do have a headache tonight *g* than you do of getting these characters to go your way.

It should be cut and dry. I create the worlds, and the characters. I get to play god. I get to take my characters, toss them off a big-ass cliff, watch them hit rock bottom, drag them for a few miles and then let them have their HEA. So why is it, being the all powerful creator goddess, that I can’t make two imaginary people in my head listen to a damn word I’m saying? No matter what way I want them to go, their on their own course, leaving me with two options. One, drop the story (like that’s gonna happen) or try to figure out how this character turning out different than I had imagined is going to affect scenes I’ve already seen play out in my head. Makes me wonder if those writers that write by the seat of their pants (I seriously want their secret) have as many problems with characters not traveling the same highway.

So for now its back to my wolf and island resort, while I figure out what to do with my uncooperative warlock and the stripper, who’s not really a stripper, giving him a lap dance when she thinks he’s someone else. *g*

Can’t ever say my life is boring.

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