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For the HTML inclined

September 20, 2006

Until I started playing with my blog I knew squat about html codes. Since the beginning I wanted to have this format of blog match my website. I can get my background black, but then it changes my text boxes to black too, which I don’t want. I’d like the text boxes to be the same pink as my website, but for the life of me have no idea what additional tags I need to add or where I need to add it. So…if there is anyone out there reading this who knows how I might accomplish this, please enlighten me. I’m willing to reward the individual that can help me make this happen with a couple free downloads. *g*

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  1. amy2ericky permalink
    October 8, 2006 3:31 am

    Sydney – I only know very basic stuff about html, but one thing I DO know how to do is look at the source code for a page. In IE, you go to the top bar and select “view” then “source.” In Firefox, you go to “view” and then “page source” or Ctl+U . I know enough to know that the hex code for black is 000000, so I looked for another 6 digit number near to it, thinking that that was likely to be the pink used. That number is CC6699. THAT is the pink on your website. If you want to know more about hex code, and other html stuff, webmonkey is a good place to look: or wikipedia

    I seem to remember that there are something like 16 color names, or 216 hex codes that are considered “web safe” – that is they show up as intended on most displays/monitors.

    Looking at the page source for your blog, I do see that same CC6699 in there, so you have probably already figured it out. But the above may be information you can use in the future.

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