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Meet Gage and Jordan

September 8, 2006

Shadow Destroyers: Resurrection (Coming September 15th)

Five years ago the death of her partner and lover turned Jordan McAdam’s world upside down. Now she leads an unusual life, Police Officer by day, Vigilante by night. But Jordan isn’t interested in seeking justice from the average criminal. Now she stalks the creatures who sacrifice the innocent, creatures who she suspects might be responsible for a string of bizarre sacrificial murders.

Gage Campbell already died once, or nearly, and he doesn’t plan on doing it again anytime soon. Part of an elite team of Shadow Destroyers, he has spent the last four years hunting the demons who changed his life, never dreaming an assignment would lead him straight back to the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about for five long years.

But standing between them are years of secrets and hurt, and a raging desire that just might bring them together, if the murder case they’re working on doesn’t separate them…permanently.

Jordan McAdam

Age – Late twenties

Hair – Blonde, chin length

Eyes – Stormy green

Memorable Experiences – Watching the man she loved die in her arms.

Likes to – Take out her frustrations on any Shadow Demon stupid enough to mistake her for an innocent.

Hates it when – Things aren’t what they appear to be.

Weapon of choice – Depends on if she wants to kill the demon quickly, or drag it out for just a little while.

Closest friends – Living a double life doesn’t leave much room for friends.

Really hates it when – Everything she thought she knew to be true, turns out to be a lie.

Wishes she could get over – Gage Campbell. He let her believe he was dead, and she won’t make the mistake of putting her heart on the line a second time.

Gage Campbell

Age – Lates twenties

Hair – Sandy brown hair worn on the longish side

Eyes – Deep blue

Memorable Experiences – Almost dying once. Not one he cares to repeat.

Likes to – Annihilate any Shadow Demon that crosses his path.

Hates it when – The past surfaces and he gets reminded of everything he walked away from.

Weapon of choice – His custom-made sword, perfect for slaying and vanquishing demons.

Closest friends – Braxton (Telepath Shadow Destroyer) a play it by the rules agent. Quinn (Stealth Shadow Destroyer) loves nothing better than a tossing a few sarcastic barbs in between demon slayings.

Really hates it when – Braxton and Quinn aren’t getting along, which is alot.

Wishes he could get over – Jordan McAdam. The only thing he’s ever truly loved in his life, and for the last five years he’s let her believe he was dead.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Cathy permalink
    September 12, 2006 2:53 pm

    What an intriguing story line. Gage, Braxton and Quinn, each with their own “superpowers”. You have me hooked and I would love to read more.

  2. Sydney permalink
    September 13, 2006 1:31 pm

    Well I wanted to do something where my characters were not immortal, but could still kick ass. Thus, my Shadow Destroyers were born. Glad to hear they’re catching your attention *g*.

  3. Cathie permalink
    September 14, 2006 8:54 am

    Oh this is going to be good..and tomorrow’s the day!!!! Gosh I got to keep this list for before starting to read this when I get it!

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