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Rockstar: Supernova

August 29, 2006

Anyone else addicted to watching this? Have a favorite? I’ve been a Delana fan from the beginning, but can’t say I loved her attempt at songwriting. LOL Something about girls and boys and partying at the house on the hill? This was on the half hour “in the house” show. I wished I hadn’t watched that mini episode. LOL And she didn’t have a lot of great things to say about some of the other rockers in the house last week.

At present my favorite would have to be Ryan. I think he’s definitely a front runner for this one. Anyone else have an opionion on who they think is going to win this thing?

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  1. Pam P. permalink
    September 2, 2006 8:28 am

    Not necessarily addicted, but I did happen to get into without the new season starting yet, Syd.

    I wasn’t impressed with Delana’s comments about the others, either. I think it’s going to be either her or Lucas, or maybe both? Did you hear Tommy make that comment about having two, a male and female lead?

  2. Sydney permalink
    September 2, 2006 2:56 pm

    I did hear him say that and the look on Dilana’s face… LOL But yeah, at this point I think it’ll come down to them two as well. Unless the band is getting a vibe off one of the others that I’m not. *g* They can all sing, but not all of them have that stage presence that just makes you want to pay attention to them on stage the entire time, ya know?

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