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August has been bad

August 23, 2006

For keeping my blog updated. Oddly enough I haven’t written as much this month either. It’s kind of sad that when I’m pounding out scene after another I find it easier to find time to blog.

So I posted over on Fur and Fangs about my newest hero, Gage. (Resurrection) You can find it by popping over here

My weekend was relatively unexciting aside from the fact I actually left the house to go to a friend’s wedding. It was a good time, forgot how much I actually like socalizing with people in the real world. LOL

I should have a cover for Resurrection very soon, have I mentioned it comes out next month? *g* Can you tell I’m a little psyched about this one? I’ve heard great things from my proofers which is always a good sign I think. Can’t wait to see what y’all think of it.

Well I’m off to bed, have serious website updates I need to do tomorrow, and keep your eyes glued here because this week I’ll be posting on how you can get a free copy of my novella Jungle Heat (written just for my newsletter subscribers).

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