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Meet the Cast

August 15, 2006

Of Shadow Destroyers: Resurrection

Jordan McAdam – Police Officer by day, demon slayer by night. Five years ago she thought the man she loved died in her arms. Turns out…she was wrong. But this time she won’t put her heart on the line, and she damn well won’t turn away from the only thing that has given her life any meaning for the last five years.

Gage Campbell – Active Shadow Destroyer once his cop career came to a grinding halt. He thought he had his priorities all in a row until Jordan walked back into his life and knocked every one of them out of place. Now he might have to choose between the demons he stalks and the woman that he once nearly died to protect.

Brady – Jordan’s go-to-guy for all things shadow demon related. He’ll do whatever he has to to stop Jordan from taking risks that are going to get her killed. To bad she’s too stubborn to listen to a word he says.

Quinn – The youngest Shadow Destroyer, she has incredible reflexes, speed, and heightened senses. Kicks demon ass and asks questions later, which causes problems between her and straight-and-narrow Braxton. But hey, he’ll get over it.

Braxton – Play it by the rules Shadow Destroyer with telepathic ability. He wants A: Gage to be happy. B: Jordan to stop the sacrifices that will open the gateway between their world and the Shadow Demons’. C: Drew to stop asking him about what’s going on with him and Quinn and D: For Quinn to leave him the hell alone.

Drew – Shadow Destroyer and lovin’ every minute of it. There’s nothing more fun than ribbing Braxton, taking down a few Shadow Demons, and trying to convince Jordan that she should forget all about Gage and spend her nights cooking for him.

Rae – Mysterious field office agent in charge of this team of Shadow Destroyers. No one knows how she came to be a destroyer, what her abilities really are, who’s really paying her or them for that matter, or who might be compromising all Shadow Destroyers and leaking information to outside sources.

Shadow Destroyers: Resurrection releases in September from Triskelion Publishing.

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