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Recharged and ready to roll

August 14, 2006

Had a long, long break from the pc. Okay, so maybe eight days isn’t long for most people. For me it was a freakin’ lifetime. LOL So news… Shadow Destroyers: Resurrection has been moved up to next month for release. I’m so excited that the first book in this series will be out soon. I can’t wait to attack edits and my editor is away, making me wait. LOL

So until then I’ve got lots to keep me busy. Edits for Hide and Seek (out in October from NCP), website updates, finishing Howl for Me, and tweaking Uninvited which will be extended and rereleased by NCP under the title From Tonight Until Forever.

Got a few new reviews for Say You’re Mine while I was away too. Once I get things caught up with things tomorrow, I’ll post those.

Plus Kendra Clark and I have teamed up for a paranormal blog among other things. You can find us here –

I’m headed for bed. E-mail overdose after being offline for so long. LOL

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