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Some new review snippets

July 27, 2006

From Coffeetime Romance

“Oh my, Violet and Reece are so blazing hot they will have the sprinkler system erupt from all the heat they generate. Ms. Somers sure knows how to stoke a sexual fire. This is a fun, searing, action-filled story that will have you eating up every page. So strap yourself into the nearest chair and prepare for one heck of a wild ride. This book is definitely worth the price of admission.”- Candy Cay

From Romance Junkies

“Sydney Somers has done a fabulous job crafting a story filled with magic, humor, emotions, and characters that a reader will treasure long after the story is completed. The plot is overflowing with action and adventure that is sure to intrigue a reader’s interest. Reese and Violet are explosive together both in and out of bed. Their love scenes are very passionate and hot enough to melt butter. This was one book that I could not put this book down until the very last words were read. I took great pleasure in reading SAY YOU’RE MINE and I look forward to the next wonderful installment in Ms. Somers’ SPELLBOUND series.” – Contessa

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