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Get inside their heads

July 13, 2006

Get a look at the inner workings of Violet and Reece (from Spellbound: Say You’re Mine)

From Violet’s Point of View

A little advice from me: Fridays are never a good day to take off from work.

Why you ask? Well, you’re bound to get a dozen calls at home from your coworkers (a.k.a pain-in-the-ass siblings). Eventually you’ll wind up in the office anyway to take care of last minute details for a case when you’re supposed to be meeting a friend for drinks.

And this is where things will inevitably go wrong, starting with the man you have a thing for, the last man you should even be attracted to for a variety of reasons that start with Cop and end with two over protective brothers. But that doesn’t stop the air between you two from humming with repressed sexual tension and all the words you can’t bring yourself to say out loud. Oh, but the long hot looks…

But the real kicker is when not only are you forced to pretend you and the wrong man are actually a couple, you find you like the entire scenario way too much. And somewhere between a missing dog, a phony cover story, a killer dress and the guns pointed at you, it really hits you…

Fridays are never a good day to take off. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

From Reece’s Point of View

From day one the Calders and I have clashed. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about the youngest Calder, Violet, more than I should. And I’ve got two damn good reasons to steer clear of her: Finn and Dante Calder. We’ve butted heads on more than one occasion and if they ever had a reason to think I was attracted to their baby sister, they would make my life hell.

It would be just my luck to not only have a soft spot for Violet, but then to have to drag her into a dangerous investigation because, like her brothers, she just can’t stay out of trouble. Now, if only I could figure out a way to keep my head in the game when every time Violet gets close all I want to do is haul her into bed.

And if I can’t focus on what’s at stake, we might not come out of this alive. Then I’ll never get to see the look on Finn and Dante’s face when they learn I really am crazy about Violet.

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