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Men Suck – Personal Rant

July 11, 2006

This is my third favorite thing to blog about. The first two being writing and reading. I don’t think my husband actually reads my blog, but I wish he would. Then maybe he’d understand why I want him to sleep on the couch. And just as an offside here, if anyone is looking for a unique way to “off” their husbands, my personal favorite is sticking the remote control into one of their socks and … well you get the picture.

So where was I? Ranting, right. So I had a pisser of a day. That just comes with having two kids at home, another I mind, and having deadlines looming. Not every day is real stressful, but every now and then one comes along and everything is just hellish. The kids are screaming, there are bloody noses (not fun) and tantrums and the size of the dust bunnies (that you finally screw up the courage to take care of under the couch) are just plain scary.

So supper is on the go, the boys are fighting, the HUSBAND comes home. He takes on look at me and just “knows” it’s been one of those days. And then he asks. So I tell him about my day, just looking for a little bit of support and understanding.

His response. “It’s just PMS.”

(Insert painfully loud frustrated scream here)

Why is it a man comes home from work in a cranky mood and he can have a perfectly good excuse (the boss was giving him a hard time, the traffic during commute was full of people who can’t tell their stick shift from their asshole, someone took the last pot of fresh coffee). BUT if we’ve had a bad day its automatically downgraded to be insignificant becase of three little letters. PMS.

So as I’m trying to resist picking up the frying pan because its closest (and I know that remote control in the sock will just be more fun) I just want to yell at him. It’s not fair that I just can’t have a “bad” day without him 1. making it out to be nothing, or worse 2. him getting all pissy just because I’m pissy. The way I see it, when the HUSBAND comes home in a bad mood for some reason, it falls on me to be the reasonable, logical parent. The nice go-between. However, when I want to have that kind of day, does he step up and being the reasonable and logical person and allow me to just be grumpy for a while? Oh no, he has to try to almost out do my bad mood.

So in closing, let me just be clear. Men Suck.

I almost feel better now.

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