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The tortured hero

June 28, 2006

You know, I just never tire of these guys. I love the dark, broody hero that has been hurt in the past and has spent so long not fully living life, it’s just sheer enertainment to see him get knocked on his butt by a strong heroine. Sherrilyn writes great tortured heroes, I think that goes hand in hand with the whole death and vengence type theme that goes with being a Dark-Hunter.

But I think they are also some of the hardest heroes to write, finding that balance between the darkness and the part of the hero that wants to embrace life again. Personally I find it a little easier to write that type of personality for a heroine. Scratch that. A lot of the tortured heroines come across as bitchy, and it’s not easy to write bitchy and still keep the character likeable. So either way, these characters are a handful, and reading them is just so much fun.

With heroes I think the only tortured one I’ve written is Will from Uninvited. Though Thane from Earth was a little tortured too, he just didn’t fully know it. With heroines, Opal from Fire was definitely the tortured type and my most recent heroine, Jordan, has the sharper, dark edge to her as well.

All this talk of tortured heroes just makes my brain spin with ideas.


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