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Why can’t they just open their eyes?

June 5, 2006

My husband (standing in front of the fridge) – Honey, where’s the margarine?
Me – In the fridge.
Jay (sounding confused) – I don’t see it.
Me (sighing) – There’s a lot in the fridge, move stuff around.
Jay (digging around and making annoyed noises) – Well, why isn’t it in the front?
Me – Ummmm, because I can’t anticipate your every need when you open the fridge?
Jay – Well I don’t see it. (closes fridge with manly pout)
Me (opening the fridge) You mean the margarine right out in front on the middle shelf?
Jay (looks over my shoulder as though he doesn’t believe me)- The corn is on top of it. I just need to organize the fridge better
Me – Go right ahead (walking away and wondering which blunt object would be the best to beat him with)

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