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Sneak Peek at Say You’re Mine

May 17, 2006

Say You’re Mine releases July 4th from Samhain Publishing.


There are two things Violet Calder knows. Magic. And that cops and witches don’t mix. Fantasizing about the sexy detective doesn’t help matters, not when her own clumsiness lands her in the middle of Reece Prescott’s undercover assignment.

Forced to pretend the gorgeous Violet is his girlfriend is one more nail in his coffin as far as Reece is concerned. From day one the Calder family has been a pain in his backside, and that doesn’t look like it’s about to change. But keeping his mind on bringing down a drug dealer gets increasingly difficult with Violet so close.

Knowing she has to tread carefully to protect her family, Violet begins to fear that not even magic will save her from falling for the one man she shouldn’t.

Unedited Excerpt

“Ms. Calder?”

Violet paused and crossed the polished marble floor to the receptionist’s desk.

Their temp, one Finn hopefully hadn’t seduced yet, tipped her dark head to the side. “Everyone else is gone for the night or busy, and there is a really upset woman in the waiting area.”

“Did she say anything?” Violet took a step back and peeked through the frosted glass doors, but couldn’t see anyone inside.

“Something about a lost dog.”

It wouldn’t be the first time they’d been hired to track down a pet, but it was usually the eccentric wealthy types with money to burn. “I’ll take care of it.” Violet handed the temp the file she carried. “Make sure
Darby gets this tonight. She’s expecting it.”

“Of course.”

“Evening, Ms. Calder.”

Violet tensed at the deep, unmistakable voice directly behind her. She slowly turned around, all too conscious of the thinning air in the room. “Good evening, Detective.”

Short dark brown hair, a five o’clock shadow that suited him entirely too much, and those bottomless brown eyes that sucked you right in when they weren’t slicing a person in two, all combined to make a package that Leslie liked to refer to as “sex on a stick”. There was only one problem with him.

He was a serious pain in the ass.

“Your brother around?”

Violet crossed her arms. It helped to fill up the space between him. Detective Reece Prescott had a habit of standing much too close. She figured it was an intimidation tactic. Having two older brothers, not to mention her cousins, few men intimidated her. Unfortunately, Reece seemed to be in the minority. “Which one?”


“Why do you need to speak with him? Or are you just planning on harassing him?”

Reece broke his usual stoic mask with a frown. “He hit me first.”

Biting the inside of her cheek, Violet shrugged. Why he always got his boxers in a bunch whenever she mentioned that, she’d never know.

“Well, as much I hate to disappoint you, Detective, he’s already gone for the night.”

He surveyed the lobby as though he didn’t believe her, and finally nodded. “Let him know I was looking for him.”


He continued to stare at her.

“Was there something else?”

Instead of turning away, he took a step closer. His gaze tunneled into hers, warm and slow. “You don’t like me much, do you Ms. Calder?”

“I don’t dislike you, Detective.”

For a moment she could have sworn his eyes paused on her mouth.

“It’s Reece.” Without another word, he strode away.

But that didn’t stop her heart from continuing to thump against her ribs. She stared after him wondering if she would’ve had enough guts to ask him out for a beer if he wasn’t a cop and she wasn’t a witch.

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